Working from home is a gift – if you do it right. As a freelancer, try picking up these habits to make the most of it.

Get up, get ready
Have a morning routine that doesn’t just include getting out of bed. Wake up, take a shower and get dressed like you’re working in an office. This helps you create mental boundaries and keeps you disciplined enough to get stuff done. If you can’t resist working in pajamas, designate Friday as your special “Office Pajama Day”.

Step into my office
Have a designated work area – it doesn’t have to be a home office or even at a desk (although that's recommended) but have a space where you can really get into the zone.

Yes, we’re open
Have designated work hours. Stick to working the same schedule everyday if possible. It’ll help you body develop a rhythm. It will also help your friends and family know when you’re available or not.

Take breaks
When you come to a natural stopping place be sure to take a brief 10-15 minute break to help your mind reset. If you have the luxury of taking a small walk around your neighborhood, do it!

Watch your posture
The ability to work while slouching from the couch is tempting – resist it, your back will thank you later.

Netflix and bill?
Can you work and Netflix at the same time? Of course! But you shouldn’t. Resist the temptation. Watching your favorite show or even a boring documentary can be incredibly distracting even if you’re used to working with background noise. If you want to achieve clarity of mind and focus be sure to keep the TV off.

Get face-to-face
Don’t forego meeting face-to-face with fellow freelancers or clients. It’s easy to pop open Google Hangouts or shoot over an email to someone you could schedule an in-person meeting with. If you can meet face-to-face, do it. You don’t have to give up on digital communication entirely but I’m sure you’ll get enough of it from others. Seeing another human in the wild helps you keep up your social skills.

Daily to-dos
Make a prioritized task list at the end of each day for the next day. What do you want to accomplish? What is most pressing when you sit down for work tomorrow? When you know precisely what needs to be done, it makes it easier to get going the next day.

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