As a designer you always want to create a great experience for your clients. How you invoice reflects on not only your personal brand but also you as a designers. As you know, it’s about more than just how your invoices look. Here’s a look at a few ways to improve the user experience and design of your invoices:

Invoice promptly

There is no better indicator of how quickly an invoice will get paid than the time between the completion of work and the issuing of the invoice. giddyapp highly recommends invoicing as quickly as possible.

Use an online invoicing system

It’s not uncommon to want to design your own invoice with tools you’re already using. I can tell you from personal experience, designing invoices in Adobe’s Creative Suite gets old quick! You need something that allows you to get in and out quickly, allowing you to get back to billable work.

Be clear about your terms

You should be clear about your invoice terms before you start designing. Let your clients know ahead of time (and preferably in your contract – you are using a contract, right?) what your payment terms are.

Make it easy to pay you

Repeat after me: “I shouldn’t be taking credit card numbers over the phone or via email!” This is critical and it’s never been more important to reassure your clients that their financial data is safe with you. You don’t want to hold onto their data for any amount of time.

Be on brand

Match your personal brand as much as possible. Not only does it reinforce your brand identity but it also provides a sense of security – your clients recognize your invoice as coming from you. Invoices that feature a brand’s logo are paid faster than those that do not.

Try giddyapp

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