What’s the deal with productivity? I mean what is the deal? That was my weak attempt at a Seinfeld impersonation but I’d like to share a better way to imitate Seinfeld.

Even to this day Seinfeld's beloved sitcom is beamed via syndicated television to a variety of channels. I enjoy watching the reruns and was ecstatic when they made a deal to bring one of my favorite television shows to streaming. However, before the show, throughout, and now after the show, Jerry is a disciplined standup comedian. He is known to take great care in developing his act and you can tell he's an expert craftsman when it comes to comedy.

Seinfeld is known to use streaks as motivation to write jokes on a daily basis. Legends holds that Jerry keeps a calendar and crosses out every day that he writes. As the days pass he accrues a longer streak, making it more difficult to break the chain. The motivation to write on any given day becomes greater and greater as he snowballs his efforts.

Many have used this method to create new habits or break bad habits. It's a gamification trick that many games employ as well. If you find yourself lacking the motivation to get things done, you should consider keeping track of your streaks. Imagine if you spent just twenty minutes every day following up on your leads or researching new leads. Now imagine if you did that for an entire month straight. How would that grow your business? It could change your life! Perhaps you'd like to spend less time on Facebook and more time getting things done. Set a goal of not using Facebook during business hours and begin your streak. How much more could you get done if you weren't on social media during business hours?

Keeping track of your streaks is easy these days. An entire category of apps exists to help with this. A few of them are listed below.


Habit Minder


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